• Going viral…

    Who’d have thought one baby’s nappy would infect 4 grown adults! I’ve decided to write the honest and quite frank blog, so if you have a weak stomach skip straight down to the end quote. 😂😉 We have all just celebrated easter, by celebrate I mean we had our heads down the toilet after being up all night. Sounds great…

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  • Trying to conceive!

    My battle with mother nature… Let me take you back to when Mr & Mrs Church were carefree, had extra money in the bank and when Mrs Church had a… Read More

  • Living at 666 Tantrum Drive

    So, I’m back in work now. Working every Thursday and two Saturday’s a month. May not seem like a lot but I have to say, I really look forward to… Read More

  • Being Auntie Tayto…

    “When can I just have a normal name?” Gemma Westwood, 2017. I recently read someone else’s blogs, where they brought in a guest blogger; I thought this was genius as… Read More

  • Separation Anxiety…

    No babies were harmed in the writing of this blog! Ha Ha! To take you back to when my very loud Ariana was born… I never realised what people meant… Read More

  • First Vs Second…

    “Leyla’s eaten dirt? …So does that mean I still have to feed her lunch?” I have just sat down to write, it’s my birthday, I’m alone and both girls are… Read More

  • The Dummy Game …

    Dummy and Comforter. I’m currently sat in a big bucket chair, feet up, coffee next to me and in complete silence. I am not at home. For one, I don’t… Read More

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Hayley, 33, Wife to Matt and Mother to Ariana and Leyla. My two beauitful girls. Read More

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